Description and Instructions New version. John Stewart June 03, Updated September 9, Rating. John Stewart over 6 years ago. Upload an edit of this mapping. The main features are described in the follwing slides: I intend to use it for Traktor too.

akai lpd8 traktor mapping

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Let us know on the forum.

DJ TechTools – Two Akai LPD8 controllers – used as virtual decks

Get Satisfaction uses Javascript and traktof. Description and Instructions I decided to begin using Akai LPD8 controllers as virtual decks, to remove the need of connecting to – and disconnecting from – CDJs at the start and need of each set. Teacho over 4 years ago.

Let us know on ldp8 forum. Would be really grateful for any help. Add me on Facebook for support, downloads, updates and other advanced Traktor Pro maps. Where can i find the information exactly on how to bind cue-points or other functions to bank4, for example.


akai lpd8 traktor mapping

I assume there’s a problem with the mapping and your traktor akia. The problem is with the Akai loader, non in traktor i think. Viraaj Pannu over 5 years ago.

For consistency, it’s great – even though I’m certain that this kind of use was most certainly not the purpose of the controller, during its design phase. Said that here’s the description of the mapped functionality:.

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Traktor Bible – Akai LPD-8 with LED feedback

Replace this text with a brief description of the updates. Updated September 9, Rating. Just any guide you know. Problem downloading or other issues? This mapping uses the default presets that came with the LPD8.

If both are on, then you control the stem track volume subchannel. This mapping requires Traktor Pro 2. Initial release Updated June 10, Rating. Community-powered support for Akai Professional.

akai lpd8 traktor mapping

DigitallDJ about 7 years ago. Just pads lighting on beats, and knob working well. J Sandeen March 12, As i said before there are basically 2 modes, the first mode is enabled using the “PAD” botton in the akai controller, then you switch to the second using the “CC” button of the akai LPD-8, you’ll notice that when switching modes the LED status are maintened giving the desired feedback without using any other tool.


About this mapping Latest version 2. Control 32 Samples per Deck. About this mapping Latest version 0. About this mapping Latest version 1. David Losinski almost 5 years ago.


Thanks in advance for your help. Which channel s should I use? The manual is poor unless you really know all about this and I am still learning as I only changed from my decks to this about 6 months ago Sooo stuck.? You can check the mapping evolution there: